Jordan Petersen

Mikael Wallin
8 min readJun 13, 2022

My first encounter with Jordan Petersen is almost a decade ago, through my favourite ball plank at work. He was kind of nagging me to go watch this masterpiece in rhetorics, which finally led to me sitting on youtube watching an interview on BBC’s channel 4.

Only I didn’t see what he saw. I saw part of what he saw. I didn’t see a feminist defeated by logic. I saw a woman navigating the social scale, and a man navigating the professional scale. I didn’t even see a feminist.

I was kind of impressed, as I have been waging the same battle over the years, and this was the first…

Mikael Wallin

Truth is harder than fantasy, listening is harder than telling, uniting is harder than dividing. Being part of the solution is harder than of a problem.