I read an article about mixed-race kids, and that got me to have a talk with my son what he would think if I said he was of different race than I.

I never use black or white as defining words for my own purposes but as I am entering…

I have always been keen on sports. Not so much watching, and not participating in team-sports, but in solos-sports like running, bicycling or, skiing.

Team-sports were often uncomfortable, and when I by accident ended up being a junior-league coach I set it up as of to remove all those things…

Nine months after strawberries ripen there is a peek in childbirth.

To most of us that is a causality, but for a lesser few of us it is a correlation.

I have always failed to understand why the nature of that relation isn’t obvious to most of us.

My anti-vaxxer…

The legend of communism for Americans.

Communism in USA has a long time been like sightings of Bigfoot or Yeti. Bigfoot is a folk lore or ledgend of a beeing never really seen, but yet sighted at first in windy snowstorms in inaccessible regions of Himalaya, and then all over…

Mikael Wallin

Truth is harder than fantasy, listening is harder than telling, uniting is harder than dividing. Being part of the solution is harder than of a problem.

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